About Chloe

Chloe became a mum in early 2020 and began carrying her daughter at a few weeks old. Slings became a big part of their lives, soothing both mother and baby, making the daily dog walk stress free and introducing them to a whole community of fellow babywearers. Chloe used slings, in particular woven wraps and learning new carries, as a way to manage and cope with postnatal anxiety. This became the catalyst for a whole career change and the beginning of Carrying and Cloth. Feeling the incredible impact of holding her daughter close, Chloe knew she wanted to share the wonders of babywearing with others.

It is normal that your baby doesn’t want to be separated from you; her survival instincts are strong. She isn’t manipulating, she is communicating. She believes that you and she are one, not two. And on a subconscious level, maybe you do too.

Tracy Gillett – Raised Good

Chloe has trained with Dr Rosie Knowles under the Born To Carry banner and Lorette Michallon at Slingababy to become a babywearing consultant. She’s also completed further training in Feeding and Carrying Advocacy and how slings of all types can be used in a huge variety of ways to aid feeding in whatever form it takes. She regularly carries her daughter in a variety of slings/carriers, tests and reviews slings and works alongside other professionals to promote carrying and it’s benefits.

One of the biggest threats to climate change is the belief that somebody else is going to fix this. We all have to fix this. We all have to do our part.

Lisa Karandat and Alexa Monahan

During Chloe’s pregnancy she became aware of the impact of disposable nappies and wipes on the environment and was introduced to the world of reusables. What began as intrigue, soon became a passion and a new way of life. Using social media and online resources to learn more was difficult at times. The terminology could be confusing and answers sometimes hard to find, but led her to the local nappy library where she was able to access invaluable in person support. When the owner’s circumstances changed, Chloe took on the old library’s stock and the ‘Cloth’ part of Carrying and Cloth was born. With a little one in the family now, Chloe and her husband began making changes to reduce their plastic use and minimise their impact on the world for their daughter’s future. Cloth nappies, wipes and cloth sanitary products (csp) being just a few of them. They now use their knowledge and personal experiences to advise and support families to make changes too. Carrying and Cloth is part of the UK Nappy Network and fully insured.

Every time you feed, cuddle, and respond to your baby’s needs, you are building and reinforcing pathways in their brain.

You’re not just growing their body, you’re building their brain.

LMJ Infant Feeding Support

Chloe feels passionate about supporting every feeding journey, in whatever form it takes. After a rocky start to breastfeeding her daughter, she soon discovered the importance of peer to peer support as well as being able to access unbias, evidence based information and guidance for all feeding methods from skilled individuals and organisations. As her daughter grew from a baby to a toddler, she found again, the value of this support was immeasurable as breastfeeding to natural term or beyond babyhood came with new challenges and often misunderstanding.

Chloe decided to train as a Slingababy and Association of Breastfeeding Mothers feeding peer supporter. Her training focused on not just breast or chest feeding directly, but formula feeding, combi feeding, expressing and using donor milk. She now volunteers her time to support families of all shapes, on whatever path they’re on, with feeding their children in the way they want to.